Pioneer project in sacred building – for sale

The Building System and the Materials Used

The building system (Sattelberger Holzhaus) is one of the most solid and ecological systems that are available in Europe. Having been developed in Germany, the type of construction is called a “Blockstaender Haus” (meaning block – truss house). End of the nineties it was so advanced that the company Sattelberger received the Bavarian State Award in 1999 from Bavarians Minister for Economy Otto Wiesheu.

It has been personally recommended to me by one of the most regarded pioneers in ecological building in Germany. Holger Konig, architect and author of numerous books about building biology recommended this construction type to me as one of the most reliable, solid and truly ecological ones that he knew of at that time.

The Sheenun House has been built by a team of highly qualified German carpenters. Almost all of the materials were transported from Germany to make possible for a unique, high –end construction.

The walls consists of 12 x 12 cm vertical solid wooden beams without gaps in between. IN contrary to traditional Scandinavian wooden houses, where the beams run horizontally, there is no height loss from shrinking wood.


The 12×12 beams are then cladded with 2.5cm diagonal wood to guarantee an extremely solid wall. Then on the outside, there is 8 cm 100% ecologic woodfibre insulation, then a breathable, waterproof Tyvek membrane. Next there is an 2.5 cm airgap to allow ventilation followed by Heraklit wood fibre boards which are then plastered on the outside.

Sattelberger wall

Inside walls:

On the inside there is a 100% sealed windproof paper, followed by 5 cm Hemp insulation and then the final wall surface. There are 3 different wall surfaces:

–          2.2 cm high quality wood panels (most rooms are made with wood and some clay)

–          Claytec 25mm clay boards (made from reed, hemp and clay) with a clay plaster finish.

–          Fermacell gypsum fibreboards: solid, high quality gypsum boards – not comparable with the cheap,
conventional stuff

Further advantages of the Sattelberger “Blockstaender House” (taken from Sattelberger Brochure):

The Sattelberger House met with a complex wall structure and solid core the highest requirements:
– Absolute biological construction
– Especially massive block construction
– Vertical bar alignment, so no height loss
– High load capacity of the structure at any point
– Particularly low heat transition (low-energy house quality)
– Breathable, 32cm thick outer wall
– Absolutely Windproof
– Good sound insulation
– Fire proof ( F90-B tested in German Universities)


The roof is covered with natural slates. The insulation is 20 cm Pavatex wood fibre boards (100% ecologic).


The windows and doors of the house are made of Victoria oak (australian oak). They are extremely solid and durable and very beautiful.


Luxury quality “Vrogrum” Australian Oak with copper roof.

The douglas-fir and larch trees that are used for the floor have been felled on a very specific day in the year – on a specific moon phase. It is known from ancient Austrian moon calendars, that trees that were felled on this specific date give extremely hard building wood and don’t shrink. My carpenter didn’t believe this at first but when he saw the wood he was very astonished, he said he had never seen floor boards that do not move or shrink at all and get so extremely hard. A floor like this can last several hundred years.

Interior doors:
The interior doors are first quality german joinery work. This quality can not be found in Ireland or England.


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