Pioneer project in sacred building – for sale

The Implemented Principles of Building Biology, Feng Shui and Sacred Building

Feng Shui:

The front of the Sheenun House faces exactly east, so that at sunrise the light of the sun reflects in the lake, before it touches the front of the house. The moment of sunrise is very auspicious and this setting allows a perfect balance of yin and yang energies.

The setting of the house can be regarded as perfect according to landscape Feng Shui: A mountain and trees shelter the back of the house, hedges, a garage and trees shelter both sides and the front receives a large amount of Qi from the lake and the amazing visibility of the beautiful landscape. The mountain in the back of the house is a place of power – Sheenun (mountain of fairies) – with an ancient ceremonial cave that marks an access point for a minor synchronic line. It is also a focal point of higher evolved fairies that are in charge for the geomantic/spiritual development of the area.

Traditional Feng Shui has been used to evaluate the most auspicious position for the entrance door and flying stars. Two Irish dowsers have been employed to make sure there are no disturbing energies from underground streams on site. The rooms are designed in a way that the life energy is evenly distributed and not trapped – it is in flow. Different energy centres in the house have been activated to enhance the cosmic connection for the inhabitants. The biological effects of high frequency radiation from Mobile phone and WIFI masts are shielded; they can not enter into the house.

Building Biology:

The base slab of the house is not metal reinforced and the metal in the outside foundation wall does not form a closed circuit. This makes sure that the earth magnetic field is undisturbed – a very important measurement for every new house.

The house is made out of wood which has not been treated with toxic chemicals – a waterproof breathing membrane makes the walls breathe and avoids water damage. All materials are 100% ecologic and free of toxins. The house is insulated with hemp and woodfibre boards to a very high standard (low energy house). The wood for the house is of very good quality. It is from sustainably managed German forests and has been cut in winter time.

The walls are made of solid vertical timber beams (this is not a cheap timber frame house) all the way round (go here for more info on the type of construction). I made sure that the timber forming the wall was built in with the right energetic polarity. When a tree grows, the top of the tree forms a positive pole and the bottom at the roots form the negative pole. This polarity remains, even when the wood has been processed into boards and beams. Knowing that the energy in the house will be more harmonious when the beams are build in with the negative pole to the earth, I made sure this principle was applied during the building process.

The electric installation has been done according to building biology principles.  The fuse box and meter board have been installed away from the house (in the garage) to prevent electromagnetic pollution. A mains clearing switch has been installed to switch off electricity in the bedrooms while no electric devices are used. Electric cables do not form rings around any room. Radio-shielded cables have been used for some applications that are known to use a lot of electricity.

Most of the interior work has been done by myself and a friend. We made sure that every step was done very precisely and with love and care.

Sacred and Harmonical Building Principles:

The layout of the rooms in Sheenun House follows harmonic principles. If you transfer the measurements of the walls of the different rooms to a musical instrument (ideally a mono chord) you will get a harmonic sound. What does this mean in practise? Everything is vibration – vibration can be transferred into sound. Rooms that are lined out to harmonic measurements are able to hold more life energy – they have more “harmonic capacities”.

The amount of Qi in a place can be measured. The average life energy in this house is between 28,000 and 32,000 Bovis units. (Conventional house usually vary between 5,000 and 8,000). (In comparison, a sacred space such as Lourdes or Fatima has between 35,000 and 45,000 Bovis units). It simply means that there is more life energy available for your body and soul to live, evolve and heal.

Before the building commenced, a ritual was performed to ensure the cooperation with spiritual realms and nature spirits. After the building finished, nature spirits that have been uprooted due to unavoidable earth removals, have been relocated. (Nature spirits loose their focal points when surface earth is removed and need help to be re-established).

The land in North Leitrim was still energetically suffering from tribal killings that occurred more than 500 years ago in this area. During a long ceremony I was able to clear this ancient, painful memory that was still held by the nature realms. This had a tremendous effect on the energy of this space and the healing powers that can be experienced. (Many areas around the world are still suffering from wars and killings that occurred centuries ago. For the healing of the Earth and its people it is necessary to clear those areas and bring light and healing to them. If you like to get involved in your area, please contact me).

The trees that were planted around the house were set into specific, most beneficial locations, using dowsing and communication with nature spirits to evaluate the best location for individual trees.

Yagnas (Homa fire ceremonies) are performed regularly to purify the energy of the space and surroundings.

The timber beams used for the main wall construction have positioned with the right polarity (see building biology).


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