Pioneer project in sacred building – for sale

The Infrastructure and Environment

The Sheenun House is located in Rossinver, County Leitrim. Leitrim is one of the least densely populated areas of Ireland. The wildlife and natural beauty in this county is unspoiled and breathtaking. In spite of numerous beautiful mountains and lakes tourism here is still very little. A new initiative focuses especially on the creation of ecotourism in the Leitrim/Sligo area:

Leitrim is known to be one of the best counties for Irish art and music (check out for more info on local culture). The Glens Centre in Manorhamilton (12 min by car: is frequently visited by the famous Irish musicians and known to be one of the best music venues in the West and Northwest of Ireland. The Dock in Carrick-on-Shannon is another venue that offers high quality theater, music and exhibitions:

The Organic Centre in Rossinver (30 min by foot) is a hub in Ireland for courses on alternative living and ecology ( Within 15 min drive from the Sheenun House there are golf, tennis, surfing, gymn, kayaking and horse riding opportunities

The Sheenun House is located just 15 min from the Atlantic coast. Some very beautiful beaches are nearby. Bundoran (15 min) is renowned as one of the best spots for surfing in Ireland.

The Sheenun House is 35 min. by car from Sligo, 40 min. from Enniskillen (Northern Ireland), 2 hours 15 min from Belfast, 2 hours 30 min from Galway and 2 hours 50 min from Dublin.

For additional impressions about Rossinver check out this video on youtube:


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